Biocartis stays on top of its production thanks to Yitch

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Biocartis (based in Mechelen, Belgium) is the manufacturer of Idylla™ systems and cartridges, which make it possible to deliver molecular diagnostics information rapidly and easily in oncology and infectious diseases (such as for sepsis and SARS-CoV-2). In order to improve its production process, Biocartis called upon Yitch.




Striving to optimize production

In order to create high performance products, a highperformance production environment is absolutely crucial. But in the world in which Biocartis operates – molecular diagnostics - the requirements become even more stringent. Traceability, transparency, process speed, and all the alike often result in a highly regulated cleanroom environment.


It goes without saying that this requires quite a bit of organization. For this reason, the implementation of an Electronic Batch Records system - EBR - has been an important feature for Biocartis for some time now, in order to optimize its cartridge production line.


"By experiencing the production lines in a live setting and engaging with our operators, the Yitch engineers were able to quickly identify where things were running less smoothly, and where improvement was possible."
~Kris Van Beeck, Quality Engineer Operations, Biocartis


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